Tha Blakkout - Middle finger 2 Social Networks

LaLanzo Thomas & Company Prepare 4 Tha Blakkout!
 For tha last several years, there has been a phenomenal & somewhat systematic explosion of internet dependency. Mostly due 2 tha fact that almost everything from tha brands we use daily, tha businesses we frequent, even tha jobs we seek, are catered 2 us via tha world wide web. It almost seems inescapable Especially now that we have baby laptops in tha palm of our hands for tha duration of our days. Tablets, touchscreen smartphones, game consoles, TVs; all can browse, update, download & keep us logged on no matter where on this planet you reside. Email has literally put post offices outta business while banks, utility companies & insurance providers boast of tha wonders of “paperless” processing. Tha idea of saving a tree is one thing, but of course tha bittersweet of it all is obvious…If Ur operating your life 100% via tha internet, you are 100% monitered. Everytime you “like” something, purchase, post or prowl you may as well have a bell around your nekk holding a “lookin 4 me? here I go!” sign. Not 2 mention that tha folks that you interact with also can trace your every step. Vacations aren’t even getaways anymore because people will chekk in daily, post pix instantly & report every bat of an eye in order 2 stay on top of tha news feeds. Has it become a ruling factor of our lives so much so that we can’t actually LIVE without it? Think about it; If elderly people are now being forced 2 upgrade in order to survive & sustain, what’s tha near future lookin’ like for us?
 Every since tha rise of WWW., we all have been in one form or another compelled 2   use this useful engine of modern marvel. But somewhere along tha line, we got lured into social networking. Whether it was 2 find a long lost classmate, or maybe it was 2 reach a wider audience in order 2 promote our up & coming biz. Either or, we are now lokked in so tight that we cant even function properly without it. Prime example; Call or text a friend right now & inbox them on their social network at tha same time & see which gets a response fastest..smh. 
 Tha Blakkout is simply self explanatory.. My affiliates & I have chosen 2 cut tha power on tha social networking experience as a whole for tha duration of 3 months. Starting next month in October, limited access 2 online services will be used & maintained. Honestly if we could go completely dark we would but seeing how tha aforementioned branches of public service have tailored their businesses for online use, we have 2 be mindful of that. But most of tha traffic tha majority of folks use is not business related anyhow. I know people who log on 2 facebook just 2 be nosy or chekk into foursquare only 2 become tha mayor of Popeye”s..
 Tha Blakkout is also a huge middle finger 2 all tha corporate entities that run these rat races. We know that tha whole purpose of social media is a real life Matrix. A form of control. Used 2 keep our minds occupied while our government & upper echelon faculty members do what they do best: control us. I can only speak for myself & my team when I say we are not an experiment! You will NOT know our every thought, desire & move! Well, at least for 3 months! lol But tha point of Tha Blakkout is more personal. What could I accomplish in 3 months by redirecting my online energy 2 offline activities? How much better would conversations be with my social networking com padres if they haven’t seen or heard from me in a while? Honestly who would even miss me? Would people call me more often? If I can do 3 months, why not 6? or a whole year?
 Bottom line is your time is their money. For every hour you use these sites, they get paid. So with that being said, I wanna hit ‘em where it hurts for a while. Who knows? Maybe if tha entire country did it, they would realize that they can’t cash a chekk with our names on it.
 I encourage anyone reading this 2 consider tha pros/cons of social media. Start your own “Blakkout”. Take time away to live your life without it. Enjoy a long missed hobby or spend more time physically with loved ones. Life is 2 short 2 spend  it all in front of a computer screen!
Tha Blakkout is scheduled 2 take effect starting
October 6th, 2012 & end February 1rst, 2013
It will affect tha following sites & companies:
Facebook                          Twitter
Tagged                             Knoosk
Google                              Yahoo
AOL                                  Instagram
Microsoft                           Apple
**Note : We will still send/receive email to/from AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo & Gmail users.